business cards

May 15, 2007

business cards stack
business cards i designed and printed in my letterpress class. *note* although i have registered the doman, it’s not active yet… but patience my pets, stuff is coming to soon enough…
business card scan


how to seek revenge on a photographer. (DIY documentation project)

May 14, 2007

sometimes people are assholes. sometimes those people are photographers. this is one way to deal.

(click image below to watch. will be on youtube once it’s done “processing” but this one is better quality…)

youtube link:

make stamps out of arcade buttons and stamp the shit out of things. (DIY final)

May 14, 2007


the requirements for the DIY final were to make a tool for someone else. you could be part of the user group. (i am.) i turned an arcade button into a stamp.

user group defined
people who appreciate the nostaligia of arcade games/arcade game machines, and who like to stamp the shit out of things.

the final product
i made a lightning bolt stamp. when you depress the arcade button, the stamp comes down enabling stamping. well, its supposed to. i used too much glue and that part doesnt work. but i’m making a heart one for becky and that one will work. because becky is cute and nice and i like her hair. see the instructable.

note: i did not once harm myself in the creating of this project. i did almost cause an electrical fire, but it was entirely unrelated to this particular endeavor.

fun with etching (DIY in-class workshop)

April 21, 2007

little bird etching!

heavy duty battery + salt + water + dremel a piece of metal + epoxy a litle bird onto piece of metal = i electrolytically etched a little bird!

see that little hole (top left)? i’m gonna string some chain through it so i can wear it like bling. bird bling.

process photos
etching 1
big battery powering some chemical reaction with salt and water and stuff
etching 2
chemical reaction mmm tasty…
etching 3

you can’t always be a winner. (DIY midterm)

March 17, 2007

barbie on carboard tower

for the DIY midterm we were supposed to make something for ourselves, for our home. part of me wishes i was a product design kid. i’ve kind of always been jealous of them, and frank gehry, walking around with their functional carboard chairs. so,

frank gehry carboard chairdesignboom carboard chairsnick tretiak carboard chairMAKE cardboard chair
pictures are linked. from left to right: frank gehry, designboom-instructions for carboard chairs by various designers, nick tretiak, student (lostspyder?) chair featured on MAKE blog.

full of hope and inspiration, i set out to create a cardboard chair of my own. it turned out to be more of a tower. for barbie. oh le failure. see the flickr set for more photos.

oh and check out all the times i cut myself.
not sure how i managed to puncture my arm, but what can i say, i’m good like that.

mortality challenged

February 6, 2007

if i never update this blog again, it might be because i died, because i FROZE to death because my apartment is so freaking FREEZING

run wrake

January 29, 2007

in narrative strategies today, olivia showed this short film called jukebox by run wrake. when i searched for it on youtube, i came across another one of his/her/their movies, rabbit, which i had just recently seen at the animation show



narrative strategies: find fable; see doug aitken

January 29, 2007

assignment 2 part 1 find a 4-5 page narrative, story, fable, or news story that you think best illustrates the kind of stories you are fascinated and inspired by.

assignment 2 part 2 do a narrative analysis of Doug Aitken: sleepwalkers, which is currently being projected outside the MoMA.

letterpress: reading

January 29, 2007

earl highly recommended these books by rebecca salter…

letterpress: what came first, the lobster or the ank?

January 29, 2007

today we got to print with metal type! sadly today is the only day… 😦

first comes lobster
then comes ank

here’s a photo of siu using the press and earl with the drawer of metal type.
siu is excited -- metal type!
steve, siu, and earl, all admiring siu’s good work..
admiring siu's good work